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Program Developers:

Theodore V. Hromadka II, Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., PE obtained his doctoral degrees in Mathematics, Civil Engineering and Computer Modeling. Ted is the author of more than 300 technical papers, 20 books and numerous key reports or procedure manuals, including the Hydrology Manuals for the counties of Orange, San Bernardino, Kern, Imperial and San Joaquin, California. Ted is considered an expert in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, water quality, Best Management Practices, sediment transport, groundwater modeling water supply, and other topics. He has participated in the preparation of 50 city or county-wide Master Plans of Drainage.

Chung-Cheng Yen, Ph.D received his doctorate degree in engineering from the University of California, and has been involved in water resources research since 1980. His research work has been concentrated upon uncertainty analysis in both surface water and groundwater analyses of numerical methods, such as the Complex Variable Boundary Element Method and the Best Approximation Method. His publication list includes over 40 refereed journal and full-conference papers, and 3 books.

Neil M. Jordan, P.E., D.WRE is a registered civil engineer with 25 years of private practice and public agency flood control experience specializing in 1-D and 2-D hydrological and hydraulic analysis and modeling.  Mr. Jordan’s civil engineering experience includes hydraulic and structural design of urban flood control structures, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain studies, and National Pollution Discharge Elimination Program (stormwater quality and best management practices).  Mr. Jordan’s professional engineering career is preceded by 10 years of varied ionizing radiation protection and teaching experience as a civilian health physicist for the Department of the Navy (shore activities), and 2 years as a civilian health physicist and instructor at Pearl Harbor Naval shipyard.  His regulatory agency experience includes interactions with FEMA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and various state and local agencies.  Prior to private practice, Mr. Jordan held senior-level engineering positions for the Orange County Flood Control District.