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DHM Downloads

Diffusion Hydrodynamic Model (DHM) Report

Download the DHM Report for print using Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Please note: The following pdf file may take a while to download since it is 148 pages (4.5 MB). Note also, if you wish to print the report, it is formatted for legal size paper (8.5 X 14). Please adjust the page set up for your printer before printing the report. Some pages may be clipped if your printer is set to print letter size.

You can also print sections of the report as needed by downloading the report, then using the table of contents to choose the desired pages you wish to be printed, as you would with another document type. For example, to print the section on Model Development, you would print pages 18 through 31.

dhm_report.pdf (4.5 MB)

Note: Many of the files available to be downloaded are duplications of the 1987 report!

Some files are contributions from other researchers.

The files listed below are support files.

Be sure to review these files before choosing a download format!

DHM Downloads for USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 87-4137:

Kindly Note:
In order to run the DHM21.EXE file below, you must first download the DHM21.DAT file to your desktop, followed by the DHM21.EXE file. In order to download the DHM21.DAT file to your desktop, right click, or option click the DHM21.DAT link. (Mac users: control click.) Mac users should also note that an EXE file can only run on a PC platform, or with the use of virtual PC software. To download the DHM21.EXE file below to your desktop, simply click on the link below. DHM21.DAT is for Application 7 on Page 73 of the USGS Report.

DHM21.DAT (8K)

DHM21.EXE (120K)

DHM21.FOR (32K)

DHM Support Files:

READ_ME.TXT (4 KB) This READ.ME file is designed to explain each file format. Be sure to read this file before continuing with your download.



EDHM21.EXE (584 KB)